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Manufacturing & Mining

The Manufacturing & Mining Policy Commission (MMPC) acts as a public-private policy dialogue platform for the manufacturing and mining sectors with a view to fast-tracking manufacturing and mining growth of the economy, drive advocacy that focuses on specific issues with a view to ensuring the formulation, adoption, implementation of appropriate policies and champion the recommendations made at Nigerian Economic Summit (DESG) to spark the intended sectoral growth and development needed in the economy. To achieve this, members of the Policy Commission meet regularly as action-oriented partnerships to deliberate on ways to remove the bottlenecks in the sector.


  1. To provide a platform for public-private dialogue on manufacturing & mining issues at the highest level possible thus creating a partnership and collaborative process for private sector players.
  2. To analyse and determine key priority issues for private sector development in Manufacturing & Mining which will be reviewed through various discussion series and establish consensus on the most appropriate policy options, implementation strategy/framework and performance evaluation mechanism.
  3. To enable and support the agreed priorities, policies, implementation and performance evaluation framework into a long-term process aimed at achieving a defined vision for the Solid Mineral sector.